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Balwyn Primary School

Welcome to Balwyn Primary School, a school where each child is known and valued. We provide a caring and supportive learning environment for our students in a multi-age structure. At Balwyn, we strive for and achieve excellence in teaching and learning and cater for the individual needs of students. Balwyn Primary School provides a high quality education through a relevant and dynamic curriculum and encourages students to become life long learners.



(Please note, school tours are for 2021/2022 enrolments only.)

Due to the COVID-19 virus, school tours for 2021 Prep Enrolments are on hold until further notice. However, we are still accepting enrolments for 2021. If you would like to enrol your child / children at Balwyn Primary School, please complete the 2021 Enroment Form and email this, along with documents listed under ‘Enrolment’  to the school office:

Balwyn Primary School

Balwyn Road,

Balwyn, VIC, 3103

TEL: (03) 9836 7121

FAX: (03) 9836 7897

Email Us: