Message from the Principal

Welcome! We extend a warm welcome to your family and hope you will form a close and rewarding association with our school. At Balwyn Primary School, the culture of a learning community is fostered through educational programs that cater for students, parents and teachers. Our guiding principle is to provide educational excellence through vibrant teaching and stimulating learning programs in an affirming, secure and structured learning environment.

We provide a developmental curriculum within a multi-age structure. This child centred approach acknowledges that children learn at different rates and have preferred learning styles. The school provides a stimulating and supportive environment, with engaging and challenging educational programs beyond the basic curriculum. At Balwyn Primary School we aim to develop in our students a love of learning, strong communication skills, the ability to be responsible, creative and critical thinkers and to be socially connected and resilient. The school values the whole child and strives to develop strong self-esteem, confidence and independence.

At Balwyn Primary School we believe that all students need care and support as they grow. Students are better prepared for learning when they are happy, safe and healthy and our learning environment promotes independence, self-motivation and cooperation. As a caring learning community we promote ‘norms’ rather than ‘rules’ based upon values that will frame attitudes, behaviours and responsibilities. Throughout the year, students participate in programs which practise human values, encourage a sense of personal responsibility and empower students to make conscious choices. Students are supported to develop and apply their thinking in a productive, supportive and relevant learning context.

The school highly values education as a partnership of children, staff, parents and the local community.

Trish Manicom